Bio PRP Therapy At RECON:
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Receding hairline, bald patches, and thinning hair. These hair issues are becoming fairly common nowadays. And while everyone wants a solution to this, the prospect of getting a hair transplant or similar treatments doesn't sit well with many.
What if we tell you there is a simple yet effective way out of this?
Bio PRP therapy at RECON addresses your hair loss issues in a noninvasive, painless, risk-free, and cost-effective manner.

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What Is Bio PRP Hair Treatment?

PRP therapy has been around since the 1980s. Earlier, it was used in healing injuries of the ligaments, tendons, and muscles. As it evolved, this method is effectively being used in fancy cosmetic treatments like facelifts and hair treatments.

Your blood comprises three major components: the red blood cells, or RBCs, the blood platelets, or WBCs, and the plasma, the liquid part of it. The blood platelets are responsible for fighting off infections and have healing properties.

In bio PRP therapy, the portion of the blood plasma rich in platelets is used, hence the name of this therapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Our doctors at RECON take a fixed amount of your blood, separate the platelets from it, and inject the obtained serum into the target areas.

The introduction of these healthy platelets into areas of hair loss heals the damaged follicles in the region. It also enhances blood supply and allows the growth of new follicles.

Who Is Eligible For This Treatment?

Bio PRP hair treatment poses minimal risks and is highly effective. As your body platelets are refined and reinjected into your body, it does not give rise to any immune response.

You can get this hair therapy separately or pair it up with other treatments like hair transplants. In any case, it is known to resolve your hair loss issues and promote new hair growth in a matter of a few days.

You would be the right candidate for bio PRP hair therapy if:

  • You have bald patches
  • You have a receding hairline
  • You are facing abnormal hair loss
  • There is no or very minimal growth of new hair
  • You have poor hair quality
  • You have hair loss conditions like alopecia areata
  • You must have realistic expectations from the treatment

Please note that pregnant women and people with any diagnosed health condition should always consult with their doctor before undergoing this treatment. Also, bio PRP treatment is only partly effective for alopecia areata if detected early on. Otherwise, this therapy works best for such extensive hair loss when combined with a hair transplant. At RECON, our experts are proficient in providing both services efficiently.

Bio PRP Hair Treatment: What Does It Involve?

Bio PRP treatment involves three steps as mentioned below:

  • Extraction: In this step, our doctor draws out about 40 to 60 cc of your blood, preferably from the crook of your elbow, into a syringe.
  • Purification: This step involves separating the blood plasma part that is rich in platelets. To do this, your blood sample is put into a centrifuge which whirls the sample in a circular motion. This helps separate the RBCs, platelets, and plasma components of your blood. After about 10 minutes, the sample is taken out, and the portion rich in platelets is taken and purified further.
  • Injection: The derived platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in the previous step is taken into a syringe and injected into the target areas of your body.

While the effects of the treatment are noticeable after the first session, at least three sessions are advised for the best results.

Bio PRP Therapy: How We Do It At RECON

At RECON, every treatment begins with expert consultation. This consultation session is dedicated to determining your eligibility, whether or not you are fit for the treatment, explaining the whole procedure, and clearing any doubts you might have. During this, our doctor would review your medical history and ask about any prescribed medications or supplements you might be taking. You might have to discontinue some medications for a few days before the therapy.

The bio PRP treatment is painless, so usually, no anesthesia is needed. However, if you are worried about the pain from the injection, our doctor might apply numbing cream or give you some topical anesthesia.

They would go through the 3 standard steps of PRP therapy. This whole process hardly takes 30 to 40 minutes. For best results, we advise you to get three sessions of this treatment, each scheduled 5 to 6 weeks apart.

Once the treatment is done, we will keep you under observation for a little while. If everything looks normal, you would be allowed to go home right away.

Bio PRP Hair Treatment: What To Expect During Recovery?

The bio PRP hair treatment procedure requires very little downtime of a few hours. After that, you can return to your daily schedule. Based on your health status and their observation, our doctor would ask you to take precautions like avoiding food items and medications for a few hours or days. Also, avoid going out in direct sunlight. Wear a loose hat if needed. You should also restrain from strenuous physical activities as instructed by the doctor.

For up to 48 hours after the treatment, you can expect slight swelling and soreness in the treated area. It will, however, get better over time.

Once the treatment starts showing its effects, you will experience reduced hair loss, growth of new hair, and thick, shiny, and healthy hair. The treatment involves no incisions, so there will be no risk of stitches and scarring.

While the chances are minimal, in case you feel any unease or side effects, we at RECON are always at your service.

What Is The Bio PRP Therapy Price At RECON?

The overall bio PRP hair treatment cost in Gurgaon depends on the service provider, the expertise of the doctor, the area to be treated, and the recovery expenses.

At RECON, the treatment is performed with high precision by expert and experienced professionals at a highly affordable bio PRP therapy price. The latest and most efficient equipment and the excellent round-the-clock staff support make our services here cost-effective and comfortable.

RECON: The Best Centre For Bio PRP Treatment In Gurgaon

Bio PRP treatment for hair has become a fairly common procedure today. But the question is, whom should you trust?

RECON is a leading clinic for all types of cosmetic surgeries and treatments. Our cosmetologists are among the best in the field. With extensive experience in such procedures and a proficient understanding of our customer's expectations, our surgeons employ their best to provide you with the desired results. The cutting-edge equipment backs up the efficiency of their services at our clinic, which ensures accurate tests, treatments, and results. To ensure everything goes smoothly and comfortably for you, our friendly and highly supportive staff team is always at your service.

To get a bio PRP therapy at the best center for bio PRP treatment in Gurgaon, visit RECON Clinic today, or book an appointment by reaching out to us +91 99816 00999.