Indian Nose Rhinoplasty At RECON:
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Remember when getting a nose job meant standing out in the crowd? But why was it so? It was because earlier, almost all rhinoplasty treatments aimed at a Caucasian nose shape, which is very different from Indian noses.

If you want to get a nose job but continue carrying the ethnic Indian look on your face, you are at the right place!

RECON Clinic is known for providing the best Indian nose rhinoplasty while keeping the ethnicity of your appearance.

To know more about the surgery at RECON, read ahead, and for more details, reach us at +91 99816 00999.

Indian Nose Rhinoplasty: Know About The Procedure

The Indian nose rhinoplasty surgical procedure is very similar to a simple rhinoplasty. However, you can say that it is more personalized. This means that our doctors at RECON perform normal rhinoplasty surgery, but with some additional steps.

Before the surgery, our surgeon would study your facial features and determine what changes to the appearance of your nose would look the most flattering. This includes measuring the length of your nose and the width of your nostrils and analyzing that information with the distance between your nose and other features of your face.

As you can tell, performing an Indian nose job requires an artistic streak, and our expert surgeons at RECON indeed have that!

Why Is Indian Nose Surgery So Popular At RECON

RECON provides the most authentic Indian nose job surgery that gives you natural-looking results. It is among the most sought-after services at our clinic.

Most rhinoplasty procedures work toward giving your nose a Caucasian appearance, regardless of your ethnicity and facial features. However, it is necessary to understand that Indian and Caucasian noses have distinct qualities.

Caucasian nose tips are more hooked, whereas Indian noses have a less prominent tip. The skin near the tips of Indian noses is thick, contributing to the slightly thick nose tip projection. Such noses also have a weak septum and cartilage. These characteristics make Indian noses noticeably different from Caucasian noses.

At RECON, we pay special attention to aesthetics as well as ethnicity when performing this surgery. Rather than going through with a Caucasian nose design, we encourage others to embrace their heritage. By helping you get a nose design that flatters your face and complements your ethnicity, we assist you to be more in touch with your beginnings.

Indian Nose Rhinoplasty Procedure: How We Do It At RECON

At RECON, we ensure that you are well informed about the whole procedure before undergoing surgery. You should have all your doubts cleared and be aware of the possible complications of the surgery and the precautions you would need to take. Throughout the surgical procedure and recovery, our doctors stand by you in case of any issues.

Preparation For The Surgery

For this, you will have a consultation session with one of our doctors. The main purpose of this session is to have all your doubts cleared and for the doctor to ensure that this surgery is the right option for you.

Our surgeon would inquire about your expectations from the surgery and would set a clear idea of the possible results. They would also review your medical history to check any health conditions you might have had or currently have. This helps them predict if there are any chances of complications. The doctor would also tell you about all the precautions you must take before and after the surgery. This would include quitting smoking, consuming alcohol, and discontinuing certain medications, if applicable.

During The Surgery

Prior to the surgery, our surgeon would discuss with you and finalize the changes you want in your nose. This is done keeping in mind your preferences and your facial features. Indian nose rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia.
Our surgeon would make the necessary changes to your nostril flaps, the bridge of your nose, and your nose tip. This whole process takes about 2 to 4 hours, depending on the extent of the changes being made.
After the surgery, our doctors would keep you under observation for some time. Once they are sure that everything looks fine, you will be allowed to return home the same day.

Indian Nose Job At RECON: What To Expect After The Surgery?

Rhinoplasty is a major surgical procedure. So you would have to give yourself plenty of time to heal to get the best results.

You might have your nose covered with gauze and bandages for a few days. During this time, you would need complete rest apart from the necessary physical activity. Change the wound dressings as and when instructed by the doctor, and take the prescribed medicines on time. You would be allowed to return to your daily routine about 3 to 4 weeks after the surgery once the doctor has inspected your healing progress. However, you would still have to refrain from extensive physical work. It would take up to 6 months for your nose to heal completely.

You would notice the difference in your nose right away. And once the wound has healed completely, you can expect a nose design that complements your whole face and goes with your ethnicity.

Cost Of Indian Nose Surgery In Gurgaon At RECON

The Indian nose rhinoplasty cost in Gurgaon has several determining factors. It depends on the service provider, the anesthetic, the expertise and experience of the surgeon, the medications, and other recovery expenses.

At RECON, we provide Indian nose job surgery at a highly economical price. The procedure is performed by some of the best cosmetic surgeons with extensive experience. We assist you through all the steps of the treatment, and our staff team ensures that your experience at our clinic is smooth and glitch-free. This makes our services at RECON very cost-effective.

Visit RECON: The Best Center For Indian Nose Rhinoplasty In Gurgaon

RECON is a leading clinic for all aesthetic and cosmetic treatments. Our cosmetic surgeons are experts and one the best in the field. They have extensive experience in performing rhinoplasty and other cosmetic surgeries. With a proficient understanding of our customer's expectations and wants, they always deliver the desired results. Our clinic is equipped with the latest technology equipment, which allows for efficient and accurate tests, treatments, and results. Our friendly and highly supportive staff team is dedicated round the clock to ensuring everything goes smoothly and comfortably for you.

To get Indian nose rhinoplasty surgery at the best cosmetic center in Gurgaon, visit RECON Clinic today, or book an appointment by reaching out to us +91 99816 00999.