Thread Lift At RECON: Get The Most
Cost-Effective And Efficient Treatment

In most people, the first signs of aging, like loose skin or skin sagging, appear around their late 30s. While aging is something you can't avoid, modern cosmetic advancements have brought forth ways to reverse or conceal these signs.

We at RECON Clinic provide the highest quality cosmetic treatments to reverse the signs of aging and restore your healthy-looking, plump and elastic skin.

If skin sagging is one of your major cosmetic concerns and you are scared of undergoing surgeries like facelifts, you are at the right place! RECON is a reliable center to get this treatment at a highly affordable price.

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What Is Thread Face Lift Treatment?

Thread lift treatment addresses the issue of saggy and drooping skin that comes with aging. While it gives more subtle results, this treatment is a great alternative for people who cannot or do not want to undergo treatments like facelift surgery. It is a minimally invasive and outpatient procedure that can be performed either in the doctor's office or the operating room. The whole process is painless, and no anesthesia needs to be administered.

In this procedure, our doctor uses a medical-grade thread to suture your skin at the target area. This thread has barb-like, very fine, and invisible textures that hold onto the tissues of your skin. So when the doctor pulls the thread up or back, it uplifts the skin tissues.

Your body's immune system also contributes to the results. It identifies the sutures as an injury to the body and begins producing collagen to heal the injury. Collagen is a protein that makes your skin plump and elastic. This is why even when the results of this treatment fade away, your skin will be better in terms of elasticity than earlier.

The thread does not cause any pain, and the treatment procedure is very short and straightforward. When done to tone the breasts, the suturing process is a bit more complex. Almost no recovery time is needed after this treatment, and you can return home and follow your regular routine even a few minutes after the treatment.

What Does Thread Lift For Face At RECON Involve?

The thread Lift procedure at the RECON clinic is a very simple process. First, it involves a consultation with our expert cosmetician, where you discuss the whole treatment process and clear out any doubts that you might have about the treatment. Our doctor would assess your medical history to ensure that the treatment would not cause complications. They would describe the expected results and instruct you about the post-treatment care.

Thread lift works on different areas of your face, including browlines, under eyes, jowls, cheeks, and forehead. You can choose one of the target areas, a combination of them, or all of them for the uplifting treatment.

During the surgery
You would be asked to lie down on a recliner. The doctor would apply some alcohol and anesthetic ointment to the target areas. Then, using a cannula, they would suture the dissolvable threads and pull them in the right direction once they were in place. The cannula is then pulled out.

After the surgery
Once the sutures are done, you will be allowed to go home.

The results of this treatment are instant. There could also be some swelling, bruising, bumps, or dimpling at the sutured site. These, however, go away in a few days, and the results become more obvious. You will experience the full effect of the treatment a few months later when your skin has also produced a good measure of collagen in the area. These results could last anywhere between 1 to 3 years. This depends on how fast your body dissolves the suture threads. You could opt for a follow-up treatment once the results have faded.

Are You Eligible For The Procedure?

At RECON, we always determine the eligibility of the candidate before going through the treatment process. This adds up to the quality of our treatment and ensures that no complications arise during or after the treatment.

The health of the candidate is the first thing to consider. You must not be suffering from any serious medical condition or a skin condition. We suggest this treatment for individuals in their late 30s to early 50s. This is because the signs of aging start becoming during this age, and your body can adapt well to the treatment and heal itself properly. Your medical history and any other cosmetic procedures you might have been through are also important factors to study.

What Is The Thread Lift Cost At RECON?

The thread lift treatment is variable in terms of cost. It depends on the areas of treatment and the expertise of the doctor providing the treatment. The cost for thread lift of your browline or jowl would be less than that for thread lift targeting your whole face. Similarly, thread lift for the breasts costs more than the same treatment for your face.

At RECON, we provide you with the best thread lift treatment at a highly affordable price. The extensive experience of our cosmetic experts in performing this procedure and the round-the-clock support from our staff team make this treatment highly efficient at a cost-effective rate.

Get Thread Lift Treatment At RECON Clinic

RECON Clinic is a super specialty center for aesthetic and cosmetic regimens. We provide our patients with numerous anti-aging solutions, including thread lifts, customized to meet their expectations. RECON harbors some of the best cosmeticians and cosmetic surgeons in Delhi, whose aim is to provide you with the most effective treatment with minimal fuss and risk. We have a highly dedicated team of staff that ensures that the treatments are carried out smoothly and glitch-free.