Q-Switched Laser For Tattoo Removal

Q-switched laser is the most effective method for removing tattoos.

Using a combination of laser wavelengths that target different ink colours, high-intensity light beams break up the ink particles in the tattoo, revealing clear, ink-free skin with minimal risk of scarring or hypopigmentation.

Alma Q is highly effective and precise in treating professional or amateur tattoos, of varying colours. It is a high powered laser that delivers enough energy within the absorption spectrum of a wide range of colours

  • Q-Switched Nd:YAG 1064nm laser:Ideal for treating darker ink colours (black, blue and green).
  • Q-Switched Nd:YAG 532nm laser: Ideal for treating brighter ink colours (red, orange and yellow).

For optimal results, 3-5 sessions of Q-switched laser a few weeks apart, are required:

What Is The Cost Of Q-switch Laser Treatment In Gurgaon? 

The cost of Q-switch laser treatment varies among different locations and hospitals and/or clinics. Most clinics charge for it on a per-session basis. 

The area of skin to be treated and the target skin concern decide the cost of this treatment for one session. And the overall price of the procedure depends on the total number of sessions. Other factors that may influence the cost include any skin conditions you may have or any other procedure paired with this treatment. The expertise of the doctor performing the procedure is also a deciding factor. 

RECON offers the best-quality Q-switch laser treatment services in Gurgaon at a highly economical price. We use the latest technology equipment and our doctors are trained professionals to carry out this procedure. 

Preparing For Q-switch Laser Treatment— A Quick Checklist

Q-switch laser treatment is a medical procedure. Hence, you must prepare your skin and take the necessary precautions beforehand. This ensures the best results without any complications. 

Here is a quick checklist to track your preparation for a Q-switch laser treatment:

  • Avoid retinoids, bleaching creams, and/or any harsh skin products like scrubs for 3 days prior to the treatment
  • Avoid getting your skin tanned
  • Do not use any depilatory agent and avoid waxing or threading for 1 week before the procedure
  • Talk to your doctor about the precautions you need to take after the treatment


Yes. The Q-switch laser treatment is tested and proven safe for use on Indian skin. This procedure is regarded as safe and effective in various countries. Many surveys have also reported high success rates of this process in removing dark circles, wrinkles, and pigmentation.

If you have any skin concerns or health conditions, consult with your doctor. They would help you determine if a Q-switch laser treatment would be safe for you.

Q-switch laser treatment is one of the best solutions to hyperpigmentation available. This procedure has shown positive results in reducing and, in some cases, removing dark pigmentation. It is even proven effective for Indian skin. This laser treatment primarily aims to resolve uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation.

ALMA Q is extremely safe and precise with minimal risk of damage to surrounding tissue:

Detailed information regarding the procedure and post-procedure care will be given after consultation.