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Are you not happy with how the previous rhinoplasty surgery changed the look of your nose? Or did the surgery raise any functional issues?

We have the perfect solution for you at RECON!

Rhinoplasty is undoubtedly one of the most challenging plastic surgeries out there. Your nose has a complex anatomy. And to restructure it to be in sync with your face while maintaining its optimal function can put your surgeon through a real skill test!

With that given, there is a chance you won't be satisfied with the changes made by a rhinoplasty procedure. Or, due to minor slip-ups, you might experience some functional issues with your nose, like breathing difficulties

While it may sound dubious, the best way to undo the mistakes of rhinoplasty surgery is to get another one.
But how? What if something goes wrong again?

No need to worry yet, because RECON Clinic has a record of delivering reliable and satisfactory treatments at the hands of highly experienced professionals.

Read on ahead to know all about revision rhinoplasty surgery at RECON. For more details, reach out to us at +91 99816 00999.

Revision Rhinoplasty: Know About The Procedure

As the name suggests, revision rhinoplasty is the second rhinoplasty surgery. It is usually required if you are not satisfied with the results of your first surgery or if the previous surgery has caused some functional issues or did not resolve the problem you had earlier.

The procedure of this surgery is almost similar to a normal rhinoplasty. However, your surgeon needs to make a few adjustments due to the previous procedure. This includes managing the surgery around the extra cartilage, or the loss of a part of the cartilage from the first surgery.

At RECON, we provide the best revision rhinoplasty surgery. Our surgeons are experts in the field with vast experience in performing this surgery and providing satisfactory results. They always look through the problems caused by your previous surgery and the things you want to resolve through a revision treatment. Keeping in mind all that, they then plan out the changes to be made to undo the blunders of the first procedure and give you the results you wish for.

Why Do You Need A Revision Rhinoplasty Specialist For The Surgery?

As mentioned earlier, rhinoplasty is a challenging procedure in itself. And a revision of the surgery further adds up to it.

To get the best revision rhinoplasty, choose your surgeon wisely. Here is why:

  • The previous rhinoplasty surgery leaves scar tissues. This makes it difficult for the surgeon to make incisions and stitches during the revision surgery.
  • Sometimes, some soft tissues need to be removed from or grafted to your nose during rhinoplasty. During the revision procedure, this extra or absent soft tissue could pose an obstacle, and soft tissue grafts need to be taken from other parts of your body.
  • In most cases, some cartilage tissues are added to or removed from the bridge and tip of your nose. This requires either the removal of some extra cartilage tissues or grafting some tissues from your earlobe or ribs during the second rhinoplasty.
  • Issues from the first rhinoplasty can lead to septal deviation or structural collapse. Recovering that during the revision procedure while taking care of the scar tissues and other aspects can be challenging.

While these points mentioned above sound complicated, they are easily manageable when dealt with by an expert. A cosmetic surgeon with extensive experience and a high revision rhinoplasty success rate is called for here.

At RECON, customers trust our surgeons to give them their desired results. This isn't just because of the expertise and proficiency of our professionals. No, our doctors are also very empathetic and connect with our customers. They always ensure to know your expectations from the surgery and give you a likewise service.

What Is The Revision Rhinoplasty Success Rate At RECON?

At RECON, we have high success rates for revision rhinoplasty surgeries.
We look into your issues and the changes you desire and devise a perfect approach that would give you the expected results while maintaining or, if needed, improving the functionality of your nose.

RECON Clinic is known among our customers for its high revision rhinoplasty success rate and satisfactory results.

How To Know If You Need A Revision Rhinoplasty?

So you went through rhinoplasty surgery, and the results look good. But would your nose tip look better if it was a little more pointed? Do you need a tip revision rhinoplasty for that? You are having slight difficulty in breathing. How do you know if it is due to surgery or other factors?
Here is how you can determine whether or not you need a revision rhinoplasty surgery:

  • You are not satisfied with the results
  • You are having breathing difficulties
  • The surgery didn't resolve your issues

These are the conditions where a revision surgery would work best for you. In other cases, where you are not sure, consulting with an expert is the best solution.

At RECON, we offer consultation services with our expert surgeons. There, you can freely discuss your doubts with them. Our doctors will analyze your surgery details and your expectations and let you know if a revision surgery would be a good idea.

What Is The Revision Rhinoplasty Cost At RECON?

The cost of revision rhinoplasty depends on the surgeon's expertise and the surgery's extent.

At RECON, the revision rhinoplasty cost is highly affordable and cost-effective. The procedure is performed by the hands of some of the best surgeons in the field.

To know more about the pricing details, reach us at +91 99816 00999.

Visit RECON Clinic For The Best Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery

At RECON, the success of your rhinoplasty procedure is at the hands of expert professionals with extensive experience in performing similar surgeries. So you can rest assured about getting the desired results.

Our clinic is equipped with the latest technology tools to ensure efficient and accurate tests and treatments. We have a highly friendly and supportive staff team that looks after your comfort and ensures the ease of the whole surgical procedure.

To get the best results from revision rhinoplasty, visit RECON Clinic, or book an appointment by reaching out to us at +91 99816 00999.