Liquid Facelift At RECON:
Cosmetic Treatment At Its Best

At RECON, liquid fat treatment combined with facial fat transfers have been among the most popular procedures for a long time. It is a fantastic method for providing a deflated or open face with volume and a fuller look. This treatment is frequently referred to as facial lipofilling or autologous fat grafting.

It is already common knowledge that volume loss is the primary factor on your face that quickly represents signs of aging. Our medical professionals inject dermal fillers into your skin so that wrinkles and sagging skin are treated without having to resort to surgery. This procedure is medically known as a "liquid facelift".

Fat transfer effectively rejuvenates almost all facial features, including sunken cheeks, hollow temples, drooping brows, sunken eyes, thinned lips, and overall facial collapse. Fat injection remains a popular technique for correcting nasolabial folds and marionette lines, leveling the pre-jowl sulcus, concealing eye bags, reversing tear troughs, smoothing nasal irregularities, highlighting cheekbones, and elevating depressed congenital, traumatic, or surgical deformities. It has also shown promise in regenerating aged hands and almost any area of the face affected by aging, volume loss, and skin laxity.

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Liquid Fat Transfer: What Is It?

People have been more interested in having fat transferred as part of a cosmetic surgery procedure due to its attractive and natural appearance and other benefits. If you are unhappy with their size and form, you may have some of your fat moved to your face or other parts of your body, enhancing the plumpness of these features.

Many individuals consider liquid facelift therapy a promising and versatile treatment option. Regaining lost face volume is only one of the many applications our skilled plastic surgeons may find for this surgery. It can also be utilized for several other objectives. If you are thinking about getting a face fat transfer, read this article all the way through and schedule a consultation with one of our most qualified doctors at RECON.

The best candidates for liquid facelifts at RECON are individuals with just minor wrinkling and sagging of the skin. If your skin has significant sagging, our doctors might recommend that you undergo a facelift surgical procedure.

How To Prepare For Liquid Facelift At RECON?

The cosmetic surgeons at RECON will perform the following procedures before your face fat transfer, ensuring you're well prepared for it.

  • Provide comprehensive information before surgery
  • Obtain all the necessary details about your health and lifestyle habits
  • Review your medical history
  • Analyze your physical condition.

In addition, they will desire the following:

  • You must refrain from smoking for at least six weeks before the surgery.
  • Aspirin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamins, and homeopathic treatments are prohibited.
  • Plan a ride home after surgery and companionship for the first twenty-four hours.
  • Additionally, staying hydrated before and after liquid fat transfer to face surgery is essential for a speedy recovery and optimal outcomes.

Liquid Facelift Procedure: How We Do It At RECON

The liquid fat treatment will be a painless surgery performed by our specialists.

To begin, our surgeons will conduct liposculpture on your face to eliminate excess fat. They make one or more tiny incisions in the tissue (3-5mm). Your inner thighs or your belly may be targeted for liposuction removal by our medical staff. After proper purification, the liquid fatty tissue will be clean and ready for injection.

One of our expert surgeons will inject the processed fat into the selected region. Injecting small quantities of fat into your tissues allows them to be distributed evenly throughout the body. This procedure ensures that the injected fat will be surrounded by healthy tissue and that the transplanted fat will remain in contact with the tissue around it. A liquid fat transfer or fat grafting treatment might take up to an hour or longer, depending on the area that must be treated.

Liquid Facelift Recovery Time: Precautions And Results

As liquid facelift for jowls is a minimally invasive therapy with little downtime, you may recover more quickly and return to your daily routines sooner. You could expect some side effects, although most are minor and temporary. The liquid facelift recovery time may depend on the type and extent of treatment you received.

Our surgeons ensure that the liquid facelift recovery time is as quick and smooth as possible. On the third postoperative day, the swelling will start to go down. After a liquid fat transfer, you can resume normal activities after a week. For more strenuous functions, however, you will have to wait up to two weeks and get a clearance from the doctor.

Liquid Facelift Cost At RECON

A liquid facelift is a less expensive alternative to surgical facelifts. The following factors will impact the liquid facelift cost:

  • The treatment service provider
  • How many injections do you plan to take
  • The experience and expertise of the surgeon providing this treatment

At RECON, we provide liquid fat transfer treatment at an economical price. For more information on the liquid facelift cost, reach out to us +91 99816 00999.

Our hospitable staff team would fill you in on the details and guide you through the whole treatment process.

RECON: The Best Center For Liquid Facelift In Gurgaon

A professional surgeon who has received significant training is necessary for a successful operation, and we have them available! Your facial fat transfer will ultimately result in noticeable improvements in your appearance. You should be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the therapy around six months after undergoing this treatment.

RECON is a reputed and trusted center for liquid facelifts in Gurgaon. Our experienced and skillful surgeons deliver you the best treatment. They are assisted by advanced technology equipment to enhance the efficacy of the treatment.

To get the best liquid facelift treatment at a cost-effective price, visit RECON or book an appointment +91 99816 00999.