Neck Lift Surgery In Gurgaon At RECON:
Procedure And Cost

Who doesn't want a slender and elegant neck? But excess fat depositing or saggy skin and muscles can take that away from you. If you can relate, neck lift surgery at RECON could be a good and cost-effective solution to your issue.

Neck lift surgery in Gurgaon is a set of procedures that aims to declutter your neck, chin, and lower jaw area of excess skin and muscles.

The article follows an account of the details of neck lift surgery at RECON. For further information or consultation, contact us at Recon.

What Is A Neck Lift Surgery?

A neck lift consists of several procedures. The surgeon can perform one or a combination of two or more of them to give you the expected results.

We at RECON focus on whether you need excessive skin or fat removed or contouring the area. Based on this, our expert surgeons opt for one or more of the following procedures:

  • Liposuction: Excess fat deposition in the neck region is the cause of the majority of the surgeries performed. Liposuction is the best and most convenient way to deal with it. In this process, the surgeon inserts a thin tube-like cannula through a small incision at the target area. On the other end, the cannula is attached to a vacuum suction device which sucks out the excess fat from the area. There are modified forms of this treatment as well.
  • Cervicoplasty: This surgery involves removing the excess skin around your neck. To do this, the surgeon makes two incisions right below your ears. They pull the skin tight over the area, remove the extra skin, then stitch up the incision.
  • Platysmaplasty: This surgical procedure involves removing or altering the muscles in your neck. You could also call it contouring. Removal of the extra muscle from some areas and readjustment in some would reshape the contours of your neck.
  • Kybella Injections: If you want a neck lift due to saggy or double chin, all you might need is an injection. Kybella injections dissolve and remove the excess fat in the region and can help you resolve your double chin.
  • Botox Injection: The surgeon uses botox injections if you want to contour your neck area or resolve the neck "bands." While its results are not permanent, you can always get a follow-up treatment or opt for other ways.

Neck Lift Surgery Procedure: How We Do It At RECON

Treatment at RECON begins with expert consultation. You can visit our surgeon and discuss the whole treatment procedure with them. The doctor would inquire about your medical history and any previous surgeries or treatments you might have had. If you are taking any prescribed medications or food supplements, tell your doctor about it. The doctor might ask you to discontinue some medications like blood thinners and aspirin about 2 weeks before the treatment. You would also have to quit smoking or alcohol at least 2 weeks before the treatment.

During the treatment, the doctor would give you local anesthesia if surgery is needed. The duration of the treatment depends on the procedure. Botox and kybella injections or liposuction are quick but procedures like cervicoplasty and platysmaplasty might take some time.

Neck lift surgery in Gurgaon is an outpatient treatment. We would keep you under observation for a little while after the treatment. If everything looks good, you will be allowed to return home the same day. You are advised to pay visits for follow-ups.

Who Is Eligible For Neck Lift Surgery At RECON?

At RECON, we pay special attention to providing treatment services to people who are fit to go through it. This ensures successful treatment with minimal chances of side effects and complications.

We have strict eligibility criteria for neck lift surgery. The main factors require people who:

  • Are in their 40s or more are more suited to the treatment
  • Are not obese
  • Do not have a medical condition like diabetes, cardiac or circulatory complications, wound healing issues, etc
  • Have not had reactions to similar surgeries or treatments in the past
  • Do not smoke, drink, alcohol, or drug abuse; in case of smoking or drinking, you would have to quit it about 2 to 3 weeks before the treatment

Along with these factors, our doctors would also review your medical history and your family's medical history. If they suspect any chances of complications, they will discuss it with you. Pregnant women should not undergo this treatment.

What To Expect After The Surgery?

In the case of botox or kybella injections, there would be little to no downtime. You can return to your daily routine immediately but avoid strenuous work.

If you undergo surgery, the doctor would advise you to take complete rest for a week. It usually takes about 2 weeks for people to return to their daily routine. Exercise and other strenuous activities are advised only after at least 3 weeks. Even then, visit the doctor and confirm that your surgical wounds have healed.

Take the prescribed medications on time and change the dressings as and when told by the doctor. After a neck lift surgery, you must follow your doctor's instructions.

Neck Lift Surgery Cost At RECON

Neck lift surgery in Gurgaon is a variable factor. The overall cost depends on the service provider, the expertise and experience of the surgeon, medications, and care required during recovery.

At RECON, we provide the best neck lift surgery in Gurgaon at a highly affordable and cost-effective price. Expert professionals and a friendly staff team ensure that your experience here is comfortable and glitch-free.

RECON: Best Neck Lift Surgery In Gurgaon

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Our team encompasses highly skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeons with a record of providing cosmetic treatments and performing surgeries. The cutting-edge equipment in our clinic assists our surgeons in providing the best and most efficient treatments. We aim to help you get comfortable and confident in your own skin by providing you with satisfactory results in cosmetic procedures.

To get the best neck lift surgery in Gurgaon, visit RECON Clinic, or contact us at +91 99816 00999.

Detailed information regarding the procedure and post-procedure care will be given after consultation.