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What Is Facial Contouring Surgery?

What is facial contouring?

Facial contour refers to the 3-D outline of the facial shape.

The 3-D shape of the face depends on:

  • Facial Bones
  • Facial Volume
  • Location Of Facial Tissue (Fat, Muscles)
  • Quality Of The Skin

The facial contour in a youthful face is smooth, uninterrupted and reflects light from the forehead, brow bones, bridge of the nose, cheekbones and chin.

How does ageing affect facial contouring?

Ageing causes volume loss as well as volume displacement of facial tissue.

The fullness and tightness of the face is lost, resulting in:

The smooth light reflecting contour of youth is gradually replaced by uneven reflections.

What are facial contouring treatments?

Facial Contouring Treatments are aimed at ENHANCING & SCULPTING THE OUTLINE OF THE FACE.

It helps restore a more youthful and symmetrical appearance to the face, according to the patient’s age, personal preference and achievable surgical goals.

It involves :

  • Volume Replacement
  • Volume Repositioning

Facial Contouring Treatments are not limited to old age.

What facial contouring treatments are available?



Can men get facial contouring treatments done?

YES, all the above treatments are also applicable to men.

Which facial contouring treatment provides the best result?

With a wide range of treatment options to choose from, one often gets confused regarding what they want.

It is therefore imperative that you consult a trained Facial Plastic Surgeon regarding your concerns.

The doctor will listen to your aesthetic goals, examine and assess you. It is then that you can be educated regarding the treatment options that best suit you.

This helps you make an informed decision regarding your treatment.

How long does facial contouring treatment last?

Non-surgical treatments like dermal fillers and Anti - wrinkle Injection can last from 6 -18 months. It depends on the formulation and the area injected.

Surgical treatments last longer and are more permanent.

How much does face contouring cost?

The cost of facial contouring treatments can vary greatly, depending on the number of procedures one undergoes.

Non-surgical treatments start from $350, whereas surgical treatments start from $1000.

Medical insurance usually does not cover these treatments as they fall under elective cosmetic procedures

How much does face contouring cost?

All the above-mentioned procedures are available at Recon Centre for Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Who performs the faciall contouring treatments that are available at recon?

Dr. Pragati Shubha performs all facial plastic surgeries and procedures at Recon.

She is a registered ENT surgeon from one of the pioneer institutions in India. She has always had an inclination towards Rhinoplasty and Facial Plastic Surgery.

This led her to attain the highest honours in the field from India and Europe (Austria &Italy). She broadened her expertise by attending International workshops in Europe.

She also has a fellowship in Functional and Aesthetic Rhinoplasty from Imola (Italy).

Dr Pragati is actively involved in extensive research and keeps herself well- updated with her subject.

She has been the organising secretary over the last 3 years of International Rhinoplasty and Facial Plastic Surgery conferences .

Her understanding of the rising trend for non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments, led her to undertake a Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine.

With her dedication and a robust team you can be assured that you will achieve the best and most natural results, be it precise surgical procedures or the much sought after non-surgical procedures.

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